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RefTrak Frequently Asked Questions 2

One league I work for wants me to Invoice them every month; how do I do that using RefTrak?
Just print a Game Pay report for the month and send them a copy. The Report includes each game number, date, description of your position, the Division, and amount owed. Your name will already be printed at the top, just add your address or Social Security number if required.
My mom & brother both officiate with me; do we need to order 3 copies of RefTrak?
No! You need to order the Family version. Your family's last name will print at the top of the Reports. You'll setup your mom, your brother, and yourself by using your first names for different "types." Then you'll each track your games by your name.
How long will RefTrak track my games?
As long as you want. The most recent games are "brought to the top" so you don't have to wade through old info, but everything will stick around until you mark it and delete it.
It sounds like RefTrak is very complicated; will I be able to use it right away, without training?
RefTrak is really pretty easy. Most of what you'll be doing is either entering text (typing or choosing from lists) or choosing from menus and pressing on-screen buttons. The printed manual that comes with RefTrak is very thin! And help is just an email or phone call away.
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