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RefTrak Frequently Asked Questions 1

I work different positions (Ref, Umpire, Trail), will RefTrak accommodate this?
Yes. Two different positions can be entered for each Division; you may need to enter more than 1 record for such a situation, each with a slightly different name.
I work multiple sports, can I still use RefTrak?
Absolutely! As many sports as you wish may be tracked in RefTrak - each just needs to be named differently.
Some leagues pay me with a combined monthly check, but some have the teams pay cash at the game; how does RefTrak handle this?
Each game entered into RefTrak has a field for the date the game was paid, and the amount paid. Multiple games paid by a single check will all have the same paid date; when you're paid at the game, just enter the date of the game as the paid date. If you're ever paid less than the amount owed, enter the amount you were actually paid and RefTrak will calculate the amount you are still owed.
Am I limited to only printing Reports on a monthly basis?
No. You will enter starting and ending dates for every Report - from 1 day to an entire year. You may also mark individual games, then print a report listing only those marked games.
I'm assessed an assigning fee for each game I work, but the fee isn't taken out of the check, I have to write the Assignor a check at the end of the season. Can RefTrak help me with this?
You bet! RefTrak will track the fee on a game-by-game basis; you can have RefTrak take the fee out of the amount owed you, or just track the fee and print it on Reports.
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